Custom Mouse Pad Design tips...

If you need some help deciding how to choose the images you like, or how to design your deskmat, then take a read below for some ways to make sure your deskmat turns out amazing!

Need some inspiration?

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Finding images...

Using your own images or artwork: If you have images already selected that you love, then great! The best images are sized at 1920 x 1080 px, but really we can use any images as long as they aren't to pixelated. 

Finding images: We recommend starting with a classic google image search. Use keywords such as "my picture HD wallpaper". After that, try a normal web search, and scour some websites for images you may like. Remember to right click "save picture as" to download the image without any loss of quality.

Try these links for images to use:
Google Images Search



Gaming Wallpapers

Designing your mousepad...

Now you have all the images and artwork gathered that you want to use in your design, what should you do next…

CUSTOM DESIGN: If you know exactly how you want your deskmat to look, and have the design skills to do it, then go for it! Remember to keep your art to the size of the mat you want to order. Our deskmats are your canvas - go wild!

ONE IMAGE (for the best results): This is definitely the easiest way to go. Simply submit the one image to us, and we will scale it to your chosen mat size, then it’s off to the printers. 

MULTIPLE IMAGES (great for our larger deskmats):
Use multiple images of the things you love! Create a collage of your images, or creatively assemble them how you like

Photoshop: If you know how to use photoshop, then you can go ahead and create a canvas that is sized to the mat size you want to order - and assemble all the images however you like.

Alternative methods: If you don’t know how to use photoshop, then we recommend using to assemble your images to how they will appear on your mousepad. Simply create a new canvas using the dimensions of the mousepad size you want, and then arrange the images on the canvas to your liking. You can also add a background, text, and filters to enhance your design.

Get us to do it!

If you have a range of images that you want to use, but don’t know how to display then on your problem! Simply send us the images, and how you want it designed, and we will do our best to design you a mat you will love.

Alternatively, you can send us all your media, and let us create a range of layouts for you to choose from!

Popular layouts

Single image

The most popular layout. Simple, easy and looks amazing!

Horizontal layout

A great way to display your top two images!

Vertical Layout

Great for our biggest deskmats, which have plenty of room to showcase lots of different imagery. You could also experiment with 6 or 8 pictures?

Streamers Layout

A popular layout for displaying your team logo & related imagery to showcase your stream, team name or as a paymat