Are custom gaming mouse pads worth it?

Simple answer - 100% YES! 

Once you go PRO, you will never...LET GO...of your precious mousepad (terrible rhyming on my behalf, I apologise!)


Anyway, let's talk about how a proper, premium mousepad will change your PC experience forever!


  • Get BETTER mouse performance

With a new gaming mousepad, you are guaranteed better mouse performance, hands down! Companies like ULTIMATE mousepads spends huge amounts of money, perfecting the perfect mousepad surface so you can perform at your peak

  • Prevent misclicks

Who hasn't lost their game from a simple misclick! It's part of gaming, but its actually a very preventable circumstance. Misclicks are usually caused by our mouse slipping off the edge of the mousepad, hence the mouse not being able to track properly. Thankfully, gaming mousepads come in a range of extra-large sizes, so that you never run out of mouse room again! 

  • Ultimate in aesthetics

Its time to personalize your desk space to the fullest extent! Most premium mousepads come in a range of colours, designs, or just slick black for the minimalists out there. Why not add some art to your desk!

Even better, ULTIMATE mousepads offer a unique, custom mousepad printing service where you simply upload your favourite image, wallpaper or design, and we will print it onto one of our premium mousepads. That's right - best in performance, best in design.

  • Complete your gaming setup. 

Don't spend thousands of dollars on a stunning gaming PC - full of high tech engineering, 60FPS 4k monitors, expensive custom switches keyboard, and 600dpi Featherlite gaming mouse...TO THEN, ruin all that amazing performance and precision, with a tatty, small, probably free mousepad that you dug out of the storage closet. Get a proper, optimised, well-sized deskmat to complete your dream PC setup!


If your thinking, "WOW I need a mousepad, for real!", then make sure to take a quick look through the mousepads we have to offer. We focus on quality, performance, excellent designer support and service. Just read our hundreds of positive reviews!