Our commitment to your design...

We have a team of designers that check over every order, to make sure the artwork or images sent to us are going to look great when printed onto our deskmats.
No matter the extent of edits required, our design team is here to make sure your design prints perfectly!  Here are some of the steps we take to make sure your artwork prints amazingly...

• Artwork size and clarity: We have special software that can scale up artwork to a larger size, without losing any pixel quality. This is vital to retaining image clarity on our larger mats

• Touch ups: This means manually fixing certain aspects of the art or images such as smoothing over pixels, color correction and boosting clarity. 

• Pixel enhancing: We do this to boost the resolution of the images you send us. This will result in re-invigorating blurry or pixelated images to a much sharper and clear image, that will look great on your mousepad

• Layout optimization: We may manipulate your image to ensure it covers the whole mousepad space (without stretching or warping your image). This includes moving specific elements, filling space and any other edits required to make sure your image covers the whole product! 

• Customer design requests: We will carry out any design requests sent with your order. 

After we have completed your design adjustments (if necessary), we will email you a preview of the new design for you to either approve for printing or suggest further edits

No mat design is to big or to small for us to fix, but if we deem your artwork won't be compatible on one of our mousepads, we will let you know straight away with some options on going forward

If you have any questions about our design guarantee, or if your images will work on our deskmats, please contact us :)

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