Complete guide to
creating your mouse pad


Well you have come to the right place! Here's the outline: 

The Mouse Pad
1. Mouse Pad image(s) / design
2. Mouse pad size
3. Mouse pad thickness
4. Mouse pad lighting elements
5. Tips for the best design
6. Image Upload

After order support: 
7. Designer assistance
8. Shipping
9. Quality guarantee

The Mouse Pad

This in the most important step! Choosing how your mousepad will look once its printed - and making sure everything is to the proper spec and quality so its looks mint once its printed on the material.

Mouse Pad image(s) / design

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1. Use your own Design/images

If you have your heart set on a design, then its just a matter of executing it. The best way to create your own design, is to gather all the elements you want for your design, then arrange them using computer software such as Photoshop, Davinci, Publisher, or Canva. Make sure your design is being created to the same size as the mouse pad you want to print on.

2. Internet wallpapers (Google Images)

The most popular way of designing your dream artisan mouse pad, and probably the quickest, is choosing a image off the internet! We advise that you look for a image that is of a large scale if you plan on ordering one of our larger mouse pads. We recommend using google images, and using the search terms ‘my idea wallpaper’, ‘my idea themes’, ‘my idea HD’, and then browsing through the many amazing images google brings up. Make sure to that when you find the perfect image - that you right click - SAVE IMAGE AS, to have it download in its best quality.

3. Photo Collage

Can't choose on one design or image? Why not create a collage of everything you like - all on one mouse pad. This usually works best for 4 images, dividing the mouse pad into quarters to showcase all images, or arrange them however you like!

4. Get us to do it!

We have a team of designers on standby to do all the work for you. Simply send us some ideas or potential designs/images you want used - and we will put together a showcase of multiple design options for you to choose from.



Lighting elements

Tips for the best design



Designer Assistance

Once we have received your order and media, one of our designers will take a look over it. This will include doing the following:
•Checking image quality, and scaling the image to fit onto your chosen mouse pad size
• Making any changes to the design that you have requested - from minor details to full re-designs
• Checking color quality, and suggesting changes if we think there may be errors in quality and clarity when printed.

ANY changes that we make, we will send you a PROOF for you to accept. Once you are happy with the changes, we will send your final design to our printing team!


We pride ourselves in the speed of our production and shipping times. Here are a few general outlines for this process:
ALL ORDERS - PRODUCTION TIMES: 24 - 48hours after the final design has been submitted. You have 24h hours after you have placed a order to cancel 

Shipping times: 

We ship internationally to more than 40 locations. Please see our detailed list on our shipping policy page to see if your location is included. 

All orders are provided with a tracking code once the order is dispatched.

Here are some estimates for shipping times. This could be longer or shorter depending on where you live, customs, delays, and final carrier times.

Standard international: 6 - 25 Days

Express international: 6 - 12 Days

Quality Guarantee

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