Can a premium mousepad improve your gaming skill?

Every shot you take, every ability you activate, every stroke you draw - every movement you make is a direct input from the most important peripheral within your setup...the mouse! 

We always recommend investing in a decent mouse, that provides good ergonomic comfort and variable DPI selection - but once you have that, we then want to extract the maximum out of our mouse...

and that's where a mousepad comes in!


Lets Talk: How a proper gaming mousepad will make you a better gamer

  • Improved mouse performance from topper

The material that the mousepad is crafted from - also called the 'topper' - is what is going to make every click count. Most toppers are 'hybrid', which provides a perfect blend of mouse speed and control. Make bold moves, or increase productivity with a properly optimized mousepad topper.

 All ULTIMATE mousepads feature hybrid toppers, along with most big brand premium mousepads which make for easy buying.  


  • Large size for maximum mouse room

Think about all the times you have had to make a daring move on-screen, and had to restrict your mouse travel due to the size of your mousepad. Running out of mouse space, mouse slippage and miss-clicks are all caused by a too smaller mousepad. A simple solution is to make sure you choose an oversized or XL mousepad when you do purchase. 


  • No-slip rubber base

A small feature, but important. Having steady and controlled peripherals is going to improve your overall gaming performance

  • Wrist support

Most gaming mousepads measure at 4 - 5mm of thickness and are typically constructed with a thin layer of supportive foam. The longer you can game, in a comfortable, supported position - the better your gaming results will become

  • Longevity

Gaming mousepads have FAR superior construction compared to your typical square pads. Better materials, better stitching, better durability - it's going to last the distance, meaning you can trust your pad for your future gaming. 

  • Equal mouse and keyboard height

Again a small factor, but most large gaming mousepads feature enough room to accommodate both keyboard and mouse. This means both sit at an equal height, streamlining the use of both peripherals for an enhanced experience


Is it time to upgrade?

Do us a favour, and take a quick look at your current mousepad. Does it get the best out of your mouse? Does your mouse consistently slip off the edge? Is the topper damaged? If you answered yes to any of those examples - we think its time to upgrade! 


Upgrade to the best! 

Your best bet is one of our ULTIMATE mousepads! All of our pads feature our premium, gamer engineered, hybrid topper for unparallel mouse performance. Not only that, but you also have the option to fully customize your topper with your own images and designs. We print anything using our state of the art printers for a super vivid, personal custom gaming mousepad that will re-invent your desk space aesthetics! 


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