Desk Mat Vs. Mouse Pad - What's the difference?

There have been many questions that have stumped man kind for generations...

This one - not so much. But if you are curious about what the difference is between a Desk Mat and a Mouse Pad, then this article is for you. 

So what is the answer? 

Well, they are pretty similar. There are a lot of cross over themes between the two - but its their functionality that is their main point of difference. 

A Desk Mat is a product that stretches part or the full length of your desk, to accommodate a range of items on top of it. That's why you will usually find a desk mat to be quite large in size, with a large width and a narrow height. In terms of the functionality, a desk mat is a surface material built to accommodate both your keyboard AND mouse - along with other items such as a tablet, drawing surface and loads more. 

Desk mats are made from a range of materials such as rubber, leather and felt. They feature a nonslip base to keep everything on top of it in a stable position, and are usually quite thick to provide some support to your wrists. Their large size also helps to prevent scratching to your desk.  


Mousepads on the other hand, are built to accommodate JUST your mouse. Most mousepads come in a size that provides enough room for your mouse to travel - which commonly is a small square or circle. 

Mousepads are usually constructed from rubber, as this provides the best stability for the mousepad and prevents any unnecessary movement that may affect the performance of the mouse. 


In conclusion to this hotly debated topic...

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