How do you make your own gaming mouse pad?

It has never been easier to create your own, custom printed, one of a kind, gaming mousepad.

STEP ONE: Prepare your image, and upload it to us

Choose an image from the internet, or create your own from scratch. Then upload it using the UPLOAD button on our product page.


STEP TWO: You can sit back and relax!

We will take it from here. Our team of designers will check it over for quality issues, and optimize it for perfect detail and clarity once printed onto one of our premium mousepads


We will have your mousepad printed within 48hrs - and have it shipped straight to your door. Once it arrives, its time to lay it onto your desk, sit back, and enjoy the new mouse performance and vivid artwork at your gaming station


It's as easy as that!

Time to get creative! Get inspiration for your own mousepad design by reading our reviews, visiting our inspiration hub, or taking a look at our full creator's guide.

Still stuck?

Make sure to contact us via LIVE CHAT, MESSENGER or EMAIL to talk with our team of design experts.