(Quick Read) Your 2021 Mousepad Buyers Guide

Having a proper mousepad dramatically improve your gaming performance or work productivity. Don't have one yet? Not to worry!
Let's discuss what to makes the best gaming mousepads.

Size & Thickness

Big is good! Make sure when you buy your next mousepad, that your mouse is going to have plenty of room for movement, and not be restricted to a small space. We recommend a large rectangle size, perhaps 70 - 80cm's in length. Leading gaming mousepads usually are large enough to accommodate both keyboard AND mouse comfortably.

Customization & Aesthetics

Stand out from the crowd with a custom mousepad! Why not show you mean business, with a coloured, designed or custom printed pad that showcases what you love the most. Out-the box gaming mousepads usually come in a variety of epic designs - but you also have the option with ULTIMATE mousepads to upload your own design to be printed on your mousepad - for 100% awesomeness!

Another common feature of gaming mousepads is RGB neon lighting! If you have been around the block, you probably know how popular RGB neon peripherals are. Why not add MORE lights to match your flashing peripherals with an RGB surround on your mousepad. ULTIMATE mousepads offer RGB mousepads that are not only PRINTED using your uploaded image - but offer 10+ different lighting effects!

Mousepad surface

Probably the most tell-tale sign of a gaming mousepad. A proper, premium mousepad should have a huge emphasis on mouse performance. Make sure the mousepad 'topper' (aka top material) is a flat, NOT WOVEN, pressed material that is textured for optimum mouse glide.

For example, ALL ULTIMATE MOUSEPADS feature a premium, flat, concise piece of material that is imprinted with hundreds of thousands of microdots that not only allows the mouse to slide effortlessly - but also creates a very subtle friction that gives the user a beautiful controlled feeling for precise, accurate movements.

Final words: Don't overthink it!

All we ask, is you invest in a decent gaming mousepad that will lead you to victory every game! Don't be afraid to splash out on a more expensive product - but be aware there are some amazing value options out there that will do the same job.

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