What mousepad should you buy for gaming in 2021?

By the time you have brought your dream PC, ultra-vivid monitor, performance keyboard and RGB mouse - a mousepad is usually the last piece of the gaming setup puzzle.

This is usually why purchasing a decent mousepad is overlooked - or put on the backburner and instead substituted with a small, tatty piece of fabric they call a mousepad, which you probably got as a freebie when you first brought Mircosoft...or something along those lines.

That's why we are here today to talk about what gaming mousepad you SHOULD buy - when you finally decide its time to upgrade.

The main factor that you want to prioritise when buying a mousepad - is the performance that the pad is going to extract from your mouse. This comes in the form of a decent, high-performance, well-engineered mousepad topper. As long as your mouse is sliding with perfect accuracy and control - the rest of the factors that go into buying a gaming mousepad is all preference.

To make the mousepad journey easy - let's discuss our top mousepad picks based on a few different situations


If you are a bit tight for money, or just want a temporary mousepad that will cover you until you want to upgrade to full-fledged gamers pad - then don't overthink it - and head down to your local big-box store (kmart, walmart, etc) and pickup and mousepad that retails around the $10 - $20 mark.

Although you will find the actual mousepad topper will be quite average - it will still do the job and provide your mouse with decent performance. What we do recommend is purchasing an XL size, that will give you at least MAX mouse space to reduce slippage.

If you want to purchase a cheap mousepad that DOES feature an amazing topper and XL size - then check out our BLACKOUT series.


Depending on your desk space you have available - there are certainly a few great mousepad options that focus on solely giving you the largest mousepad experience! Some being meters in length, which can be really nice if you want your WHOLE desk covered in a beautiful piece of material. Our pick for this situation would be the RAZER GIGANTUS V2 3XL size. This is the largest mousepad Razer offer, coming in at 1200mm x 500mm, which will be plenty enough space to accommodate all your peripherals and drink of choice.

Razer offers great mouse performance from their pads - but have had problems with their edges degrading over time, and they are VERY expensive.

Perhaps try our BLACKOUT 3XL size, for the same size and performance as the Razer - but a fraction of the price.



If your goal is the extract the absolute best clicks out of your mouse, then look no further than the GLORIOUS ELEMENTS mousepad. What is unique about this series of pads, is you can choose from 3 different mousepad toppers, that are all beneficial in their own way. Choose from pure speed, pure control or a hybrid of both - depending on your gaming situation!

Although we love the fact you can choose your mousepad topper - we find the majority of people still stick with the hybrid option - as it's perfect for all games, not just a select few that will benefit from the speed or control pads. We also find the size is just TOO small! It's only available in a square size, which just doesn't make the cut these days.



Sick of plain black! I'm sure you are!
Although mousepads have taken huge strides to improve performance over the years - most are still only offered in VERY limited colours and designs, which most of the time means you settle for something you don't truly love.

That's why when it comes to buying a gaming mousepad that not only is engineered to perfection but fully customizable from edge to edge - you have to go with an ULTIMATE mousepad.

Check out what all the fuss is about, and why ULTIMATE mousepads are the leaders in custom printed, high-performance mousepads!

And that covers it! Let's recap what are your best options for your situation!



Unless you want pure performance or size; your best hybrid, custom mousepad option is going to be the ULTIMATE CUSTOM. It offers unparallel mouse control and speed from its gamer-engineered mousepad topper and also can be printed with ANY image or design that you like - to enhance and brighten up your desk space.