'Print your image' Square Large Custom RGB Gaming Mouse Pad | 30x25cm

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  • Printed using your image
  • Optimal mouse tracking. Spacious
  • Free designer support

Improve your gaming skills, increase your productivity and re-style your deskspace with our

Printed using your favourite image or design. Just upload the image, and we do the rest. 

  • We will print YOUR IMAGES and DESIGNS onto your mouse pad
  • 30 cm x 25 cm (11" x 9"). A step up from your typical square mouse pad, our version boasts extra mouse room along with our signature pixel perfect custom printing. A great starter mouse pad, or option for those who want a more compact, lightweight desk pad. 
  • Exclusive top layer material for champion mouse performance! Get a perfect mix of speed and control from your mouse that you can not only rely on - BUT DOMINATE with!
  • Neoprene rubber base finish to keep your mousepad held in place and support your wrists. 
  • Featuring our exclusive RGB LED light surround to illuminate your desk space. Choose from 14 different functions that will have your room bursting with color! 

 What are you waiting for! It's time to start designing your NEW custom gaming mouse pads! 

    Choose the pad size that suites your desk space:

    ultimate custom mouse pads size chart

    Large: Pad accommodates both a small keyboard and mouse comfortably
    Extra Large: Pad allows for extra mouse travel room. 
    Mega: Allows for more freedom to position your keyboard, and a huge amount of mouse-space. This is also our most popular size. 
    Ultimate & Supreme: The ultimate mouse pad that spans your whole desk-space for the best custom pad experience. Freedom to move your peripherals to wherever feels comfortable, and no risk of running out of mouse room. 

    PC Gaming setup recommendation: Mega or Ultimate
    PC Office workspace recommendation: Mega or Ultimate
    Larger Laptop: Mega or XL
    Smaller laptop or tablet: Large or XL

    how to order  - ultimate custom mouse pads
    Upload any images, logos, ideas - in any quality, and we will create you an amazing design for you. 

    Leave us instructions on how to create your design, or let us do it for you. All design work is FREE with any order.

    How to upload: 

    1. Upload your image(s) using the upload tool above the cart button. You can upload as many elements as you like here. 

    2. Select the size, thickness and features - and complete your order. 

    3. Please leave any instructions for our designers, example: arranging multiple images into one design, resizing your design etc in the order notes box, our live chat, or email us

    4. Our designers will be in touch with you shortly afterward! If your design is ready for printing, we will get that sent away within 24hours

    Please read our full desk mat creation guide for further information


    All orders are processed within 1 to 3 business days (excluding Sunday) after confirming your order for printing (after designer adjustments). You will receive a tracking link notification once your order has been shipped. 

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    We ship our custom mouse pads to nearly every country, including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, England, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and more. See full list of locations

    Questions & Answers

    Once you have ordered, our design team will optimize your image to the correct pad size, and carry out your specific design instructions. Then we will send you an email of the design, for you to approve before printing - so you will know exactly how it will look once you receive it.

    The RGB custom pad is a ultimate EXCLUSIVE. The pad contains a strip of lighting around the edges of the pad that is controlled by a remote attached to the pad, and powered by the USB cable provided.
    The colors options are:
    Light blue
    + 4 lighting combinations of the colors above

    Please do not purchase this pad if you intent to move it a lot, as excessive bending of the lighting strip could result in damage.

    We will not print your pad if we think it will not print to a high standard. If you purchase a pad, and submit an image that we deem unusable, then we will contact you for another image. Otherwise, we will discuss with you how we can make the image work, or provide you with a full refund. 100% stress free!

    Most definitely! Just contact us with what you are after, and we will try our best to make it happen.


    Here's your chance to create your own custom gaming mouse pad, using the images and colors you love!
    Upload one or multiple images, and then let us do the rest!


    We have refined our mousepad to provide you with the optimal mouse experience. Our exclusive blend of materials provides you with speed for quick movements, and control to execute those movements with precision!

    Endorsed by gamers and professionals alike!

    Bigger is, just better!

    Whether your gaming, or working on your latest project, the mouse is an integral part of getting the job done. Don't be that guy who is constantly adjusting their small mouse pad, or sliding their mouse off the edge.

    Upgrade to an Ultimate large custom mouse pad, for all the sliding room - you will ever need!

    RGB LED Lighting

    How's about adding some LED's to your pad?
    We thought you would say yes! Add a LED surround to your mouse pad, complete with multiple color options for the ultimate custom gaming mouse pad for your space.

    Our Quality Guarantee
    Your Dream Mouse Pad, or your money back

    Although we check every design to make sure it will print with 100% clarity and detail, if your not satisfied with the outcome, we will re-print or refund as per our refund policy